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SEMINAR: Linguistic States to Administrative States- Way Forward

Background Note for National Seminar on  A. Formation of States post-independence At the time of Independence India had 552 Princely States and 9 British-administered areas. Sardar Patel persuaded most princely states to join India. In 1953, First States Reorganisation Commission (Faizl Ali Common) was set up. Based on its report 14 states and 6 UTs were formed. Later on more states were formed on a linguistic basis. The formation of Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Telangana has given impetus to the formation of states for development and administration as a yardstick. B. Clamour for smaller states There are demands for carving out new states across India. 1. Ladak (present UT) 2. Maru Pradesh (western Rajasthan) 3. Saurashtra (South Gujarat) 4. Konkan (Maharashtra) 5. Tulu Land (Karnataka) 6. Kodagu (Karnataka) 7. Kongunadu (Western Tamilnadu) 8. Rayalaseema (AP) 9. UttarAndhra (north AP) 10. Kosala Pradesh (western Odisha) 11. Bodoland (Assam) 12. Gorkhaland (Wes

Former Indian Revenue Service officer all set to launch Jai Uttarandhra Party in Andhra Pradesh

Successive governments have ignored North Andhra region, he says, adding that the goal is to achieve self-reliance for the people of the backward districts January 04, 2023 07:42 pm | Updated 08:25 pm IST - SRIKAKULAM K SRINIVASA RAO A separate political party for North Andhra would be the right platform to work towards achieving the goal of a separate State for the region, feels M. Rama Rao. Former Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer Metta Rama Rao alleged that successive governments have ignored North Andhra’s development in spite of the region having many natural resources including major rivers like Vamsadhara, Nagavali and others. He said that the leaders of the region were never given chance to highlight the injustice meted out to Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and other parts of the region as Chief Ministers hailed